Mist fan

Mist fan
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Tiempo de Actualización2023/9/25
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fogging machine


Detailed offer Description

This Systems are the ultimate high-pressure

fogging fans on the market that can reduce the ambient air temperature

by as much as 10 degrees, providing the ultimate benefit of coolness without

wetness. Reduces air temperature up to 10°

Parts :

Misting Ring: 5 nozzles

Fan: High performance industrial 20 or 26 or 30 inch oscillating fan with three speeds and produces large wind.

High-pressure pump


Voltage :220v

Size :20" 26" 30"

Fan tilt adjustable :30°

Height :1.55-2.2m

Stope working automaticly when lack of water

Automatic shutdown to prevent damage of motor when current is overload.

Water filter system

Automatic water supply controller inside the water tank

Connect to tap water

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