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Redes Agro sombra

Redes Agro sombra

Redes Agro sombra
CategoríaEl material vegetal
Tiempo de Actualización2023/12/11
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Made from HDPE plastic and are knitted in ultramodern plants. Best possible UV stabilizers are
added to enhance the life of the product and these products are subjected to rigorous tests for weatherability.
Colors are available in three (white, black and green) with a range of shade percentages (25%, 35%, 50%, 75% and 90%). Standard dimensions of these nets are 3 m (width) by 50 m (length). Besides this standard range, made
to order nets are also provided for specific requirements.

AAM has in-depth knowledge base for a vast range of shade netting applications, managed by a customer application support cell.
This cell offers services round the clock around the globe to all keen users.

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